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Rates and payments
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Film and tv Directing (Fiction)   CHF 1'200,00/day
Directing (Commercials, Corporates)   CHF 1'800,00/day
DP, Lighting cameraman (Film & Video)   CHF 900,00/day
Still Photographer (Film & Digital)   CHF 1'200,00/day
Editing Job (Film & Video)   CHF 900,00/day
Musics (Film Soundtrack)   Free - Please note of all conditions and terms of use
Writer (Short Novel)   CHF 1'500,00/story
- Screenplay, Short Script (~ 5 min.)   CHF 6'000,00/script
- Screenplay, Feature Film   CHF 60'000,00/script
- Lyrics, The Words of a Song   CHF 3'000,00/song
- Radio Plays, (S.F, Drama, Comedy) (~ 10 min.)   CHF 3'000,00/play
- Gags, Jokes, Columns   CHF 300,00/story
- Copywriting Headlines, New Names   CHF 100,00/copy
Acting (Fictions, Stunts, Other Performances)   CHF based on budget

All prices are in Swiss Francs - All rates do not includes transportation and expenses - Mileage CHF 0.75 per km after 70 kms - All rates are based on a 10 hr day and include TVA Suisse - A 50% deposit is required upfront, the remaining 50% is due upon delivery - Copy Headlines are 100% payable upfront - Prices are subject to change. (1/1/2012)

Mamma Mia! (1998)

- Screenplay written by Alessandra & Alberto Veronese. 123 Pages, 90 min. Feature Film.

(Story Pitch) In a comedy of errors a New York taxi-driver from New York, ends up on a small farm in Tuscany, Italy, where he falls madly in love with the daughter of the woman he intended to con.

Coup de coeur (2005)

- Screenplay written by Lova Tadevossian & Alberto Veronese. 119 Pages, 90 min. Feature Film.
Grand Hotel (1997)

- Screenplay written by Alberto Veronese. 139 Pages, 90 min. Feature Film.

It's a love story. A story that takes you on the journey of Charlin and Michel's life; Charlin is a painter, she paints only clowns, when in Manhattan...