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Photophone (Camera-Phone)
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The world's first camera phone for digital still photos

Selected reponses from:
Asulab S.A. / NG. Hayek

gif The world's first camera phone - October 12, 1998

The Idea
2 Introducing the Photophone
3 Existing Technology
4 Enjoy your Photophone
5 Pictures

WITH a cellular Phone you can call wherever you are, talk to everyone, send your thoughts and store your messages...

... WHAT about taking pictures ?!

PICKING up the Photophone and taking pictures
is going to be the new, smart and fun thing
to do with your cellular phone.

Let's call it Photophone.

USE your phone like a photograph,
point it at any object and simply take a picture.

Dial a number, send your view to another Photophone,
or throught the Internet to your home-computer.
Let's other enjoy your images.

Push the PHOTO-button of the PHONE !!