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Photophone (Camera-Phone)
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The world's first camera phone for digital still photos

Selected reponses from:
Asulab S.A. / NG. Hayek

gif The world's first camera phone - October 12, 1998

1 The Idea
2 Introducing the Photophone
3 Existing Technology
Enjoy your Photophone
5 Pictures

YOU will be taking high-quality pictures with your cellular phone, wich will give you satisfaction for years to come.

CARRY a Photophone wherever you go...
you will be ready to talk, listen and watch!

A picture can say much more than words.
A smile, a " clin d'oil", a landscape, a visual message....

Share your point of "view",
send your own "postcard" wherever you are.

Put colors in a call!

camera phone for digital still photos
SEND a picture of a house you want to buy and talk about it...
Take a snap-shot of the train or plane-schedule and inform...
Ask a friend to let you see what he sees...

Be more aware of extravaganza of life.