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gif Alessandra and Alberto Veronese present an independent feature to be made.

Angelina lives on an old farm in the Hills of Tuscany, Italy. Fed up with having to take care of Roberta, her neurotic mother, and her granny and younger brother, she demands help from her sister Suzanne, who is the owner of a sucsessful casting agency in New York.

Suzanne responds by commissioning the talents of actor Clark Ryan, for a wellpaid life-time job: marrying their mother!

When Clark leaves the office, with a signed contract in hand, he encounters Ryan, a New York taxi driver and Marilyn, a young pregnant drifter. In a freak accident Clark is left comatose on the streets of Manhattan.

After outsmarting Marilyn, Ryan takes on Clark's Identity and takes off for Italy, in Clark's place.

In a quirk of fate and the help of Warren, a warm-hearted Crook, Marilyn catches up with Ryan in Italy, where together they encounter a whole new lifestyle and ultimately love.