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A Night In New York
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gif (How it Began)  (The Shooting)  (The Story)  [The First Frames]  (Screenplay)
Alessandra and Alberto Veronese present 
Ruth O' Briain  Christian Sorge 
A Night in New York
a film by Alberto Veronese 

with Ruth O' Briain Christian Sorge 
Darshan Bhagat David Bickle 
Marcello Flaibani Jose Landoni 
Karina Romero Walter Perez 
Adriana Santini 

Written by 
Alessandra and Alberto Veronese 
Live sound by Alessandra Veronese 
Edited by Alberto Veronese 
Original music by Philippe Kohler 
Executive producer Alessandra Veronese 
Photographed and directed 
by Alberto Veronese 

Official Selection at
37th SolothurnerFilmtage &
Auswahlschau Solothurn Programm, 2002

Jessie, is in love with Tony. They have dating since 2 Years, but live in separate places, in New York City. She recently found out, that she is dying of cancer and has only a few months left to live. Since the discovery of her illness, and having told him about it, their relationship has been under a lot of strain. In fact, sometimes Jessie doubts, the loyalty of Tony. She is more and more afraid to be left alone.

Tony dates Jessie and secretly also dates Claudia. He is in love with both women, (at least he thinks so). Since he knows about Jessie,'s illness, he has been going through different emotions. His love for Jessie is weakening. He decides to leave her, so he can enter a full relationship with Claudia.

In the night in wich the story unfolds, Tony takes out Jessie, to brake up with her. Claudia has been urging him, to commit to a more serious relantionship. She will arrive back into town, later that night, and expects to see him. Throughout the night, Tony's weakness, causes him to postpone until the end of the night the brake-up with Jessie. Jessie is left alone.

(The Theatrical Trailer)
(Some sequences of the movie accompanied by Philippe Kohler's original music)