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A Night In New York
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Alessandra and Alberto Veronese present 
Ruth O' Briain  Christian Sorge 
A Night in New York
a film by Alberto Veronese 

with Ruth O' Briain Christian Sorge 
Darshan Bhagat David Bickle 
Marcello Flaibani Jose Landoni 
Karina Romero Walter Perez 
Adriana Santini 

Written by 
Alessandra and Alberto Veronese 
Live sound by Alessandra Veronese 
Edited by Alberto Veronese 
Original music by Philippe Kohler 
Executive producer Alessandra Veronese 
Photographed and directed 
by Alberto Veronese 

Official Selection at
37th SolothurnerFilmtage &
Auswahlschau Solothurn Programm, 2002

THE SHOOTING:   25 Feb. - 5 March 2001
Every evening we meet at Alessandra's house. Before going out shooting we had dinner and reversal sessions. After that, we were going out working till late night. It was cold, but we had blankets and hot coffee.

It was with a great pleasure to meet and later to work with them. Real great people. I learned a lot from them... I'll do better tomorrow.

The casalinga team was cooking the food. Alessandra was doing the boom operator. Jose was doing lighting. Myself was operating the camera. The actors were playing their roles. That's it.

THE EDITING:   11 March. - 11 April 2001
The entire editing was done on a portable PowerBook G3, on FCP 1.1.
I started the editing in Manhattan and finished one month later in Switzerland;
it's a 1h. 44min. long feature. Official Selection at the 37th SolothurnerFilmtage.