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A Night In New York
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Alessandra and Alberto Veronese present 
Ruth O' Briain  Christian Sorge 
A Night in New York
a film by Alberto Veronese 

with Ruth O' Briain Christian Sorge 
Darshan Bhagat David Bickle 
Marcello Flaibani Jose Landoni 
Karina Romero Walter Perez 
Adriana Santini 

Written by 
Alessandra and Alberto Veronese 
Live sound by Alessandra Veronese 
Edited by Alberto Veronese 
Original music by Philippe Kohler 
Executive producer Alessandra Veronese 
Photographed and directed 
by Alberto Veronese 

Official Selection at
37th SolothurnerFilmtage &
Auswahlschau Solothurn Programm, 2002

HOW IT BEGAN:   11 Feb. 2001
In Switzerland, my driver license was taken away for an entire month from an angry policeman. Without a driver license, I felt I should do something else than having to stay home or having to take the bus. So I took a plain and went to New York to visit my sister Alessandra. We decided we'd write a story and produce a feature film. We know we had a month time.

HOW IT WAS WRITTEN:   12 Feb. 2001
We started to write the story from the first hours after I arrived in Manhattan. We had a lot of discussions and a lot of coffee. From the second day, writing became a routine in the morning and four days after a story and little dialogs were nicely written down on14 pages.

We had an ad in the "Backstage" posted. Our ad came out late, because we missed the deadline for the day we wonted. Anyway, this gave us an extra week to think on the story, but finally we felt to lose our time; the story was already down. We just needed the actors.

THE AUDITION:   16-24 Feb. 2001
It was incredible. We had almost three hundred telephone calls. And the telephone is still ringing as I write these lines. Alessandra and me, we had a hard time to choose ours actors. They were all talented people, and they all were willing to work for a peace of bread and water...